Working in a Matrix Organization: Techniques for Project Managers

Course description

The multiple priorities and relationships of working in a matrix organization can be challenging, complex, and feel like chaos! This training explores what a matrix organization is, the advantages and disadvantages of it, as well as the impact of trying to successfully manage projects in a matrix. The matrix emphasis is on sharing expert/specialist resources across projects that may, themselves, have shared leadership between project management and functional management. Because of this, for a matrix organization to be successful, it must emphasize team, collaboration, relationships, accountability and shared systems and processes. The ability to be proactive and act independently while still maintaining the ability to act as a team is important. This training introduces several tools and techniques for working in a matrix successfully. These include: influencing without authority, building relationships, and managing at different levels within the organization.

Who should attend

Individuals who will benefit from this course include:

  • New and experienced Project Managers
  • Team Leaders and individuals who want to increase their leadership understanding and ability
  • Managers and Supervisors

What you will achieve

  • Awareness of the impact of a matrix on a team
  • Ability to experience a smoother and more effective work in a matrix
  • Understanding techniques that can strengthen business relationships and communications in matrix
  • Learning new tools and techniques you can apply immediately

What you will learn

  • The definition of matrix management
  • The strengths and weaknesses of a matrix
  • How to identify success points for your work in a matrix
  • How to create and use a communication plan within a matrix
  • How to use 'exchange currencies’ to influence within a matrix
Day One

Module 1: The Matrix

  • Definition; Matrix Goals; Advantages; Disadvantages
  • Skills Needed to Succeed in a Matrix
  • The Matrix Golden Rule

Module 2: Web of Influencing in a Matrix

  • Influencing Without Authority
  • Web of Success and Failure
  • Currencies and How and When to Use Them

Module 3: Communicating in a Matrix

  • Communication Plan
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Speed Matrixing

Module 4: People in the Matrix

  • Managing Up/Down
  • Politics
  • You

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