Effective Problem-Solving and Decision Making: A Creative and Collaborative Process

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Course description

Problem resolution is a "three step" process.

Step one explores the boundaries of the problem and defines it; step two examines potential solutions and establishes criteria for the logical selection of a solution. Step three evaluates solutions on the criteria to identify the solution most consistent with the desired outcome or objectives.

This program will use this "three step" approach to not only define a reasoned process, but to also deal with the emotional impact, brought on by the human element.

Who should attend

This seminar will benefit anyone involved in problem solving, whether individually or as a team

What you will achieve

  • The recognition of the importance of defining the boundaries of the problem.
  • The dangers of making unfounded, or inaccurate assumptions.
  • The ability to identify and develop the skills necessary to achieve collaborative outcomes when dealing with conflicts that might arise from competing solutions.
  • The knowledge of techniques that allow the maximizing of team problem solving efforts.

What you will learn

  • How to define the nature of the problems.
  • How to separate givens from perceptions/assumption.
  • An understanding of the nature and causes of conflicts during a problem solving session.
  • How to maximize the use of brainstorming and creative thinking
  • How to manage the emotions that often develop around conflict and to focus on proven methods for using the positive aspects of conflict to build a collaborative process.

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