Facilitation Skills for the Business Analyst

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  • 14 CDU/1.4 CEU/14 PDU/Credits/Units
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Course description

A key competency of the business analyst is effective facilitation; an essential set of skills necessary for working with a group of stakeholders to elicit, document, analyze, verify and achieve consensus on requirements. Facilitation Skills for the Business Analyst addresses the unique facilitation challenges facing business analysts through interactive role play, coaching and experience-based learning. Participants will practice their new skills in a variety of requirements gathering sessions, including interviews, small group sessions, larger, formal group sessions, virtual meetings and on-site observation.

Participants provide structured feedback to one another throughout the workshop.

Who should attend

Anyone who facilitates teams, or leads facilitated sessions, focused on eliciting, documenting, analyzing, validating and verifying requirements.

What you will achieve

  • Improve your overall facilitation skills
  • Practice proven methods for eliciting requirements
  • including requirements workshops
  • Build confidence facilitating constructive sessions and dealing with difficult stakeholders
  • A structured approach for optimizing the success for various requirements elicitation methods

What you will learn

  • Facilitation basics
  • Active listening skills
  • Time management techniques
  • Task management techniques
  • Bringing a group to a consensus
  • Resolving conflict
  • Preparing for, executing, and following through on various requirements elicitation methods including facilitated requirements workshops
  • The challenges facing business analysts who facilitate requirements elicitation meetings
  • Ask for, and receive, the authority to facilitate the sessions
The Facilitator's Toolkit
  • Set the ground rules for effective collaboration
  • Planning: time, location, strategy, preparation
  • Executing: time management, achieving a consensus
  • Exercise: Brainstorming to solve a problem
Active Listening
  • Understand what body language says (yours and their's).
  • Apply a variety of techniques including feedback and paraphrasing
  • Exercise: interviewing
  • Watch your tone of voice (and their’s)
  • Exercise: virtual meeting (conference call)
Time Management
  • Recognize and deal with the time challenges facing team members
  • Plan and manage meeting time effectively
  • Exercise: Manage the group’s time
  • Exercise: Requirements review meeting
Task Management
  • Apply a structured approach to elicit requirements interactively using techniques like a context diagram, use cases, process models, prototypes and others.
  • Exercise: Group session to elicit requirements from a collection of stakeholders
Consensus building
  • Understand the nature of team behavior, and effective ways that a facilitator can influence it
  • Ensure the participation of all, and handle the “dominator”
  • Apply a variety of voting techniques to minimize undue influence and to ensure the participation of all
  • Apply a variety of techniques to prioritize requirements
  • Exercise: Negotiation and voting to achieve a consensus
Conflict Resolution
  • Recognizing conflict and/or disruptive behaviour
  • Apply strategies and techniques for dealing with it
  • Exercise: facilitated workshop (participants role play various stakeholders, some with hidden agendas that just might be disruptive. The facilitator will recognize these behaviors, and practice dealing with them)
Putting it all Together
  • Plan and execute a requirements workshop, in which participants build on the skills acquired
  • Exercise: Plan and execute a facilitated session.

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