Difficult Performance Discussions Made Easier

Course description

Most managers are able to intuitively assess and describe employee performance issues, but what is difficult is communicating this information to the employee. Nearly all managers dread initiating these conversations and often avoid them whenever possible causing performance issues to worsen over time. Frequently, the area for development relates to behaviors which are difficult to quantify: interpersonal skills, personality traits, motivation and attitude. The underlying problem is the inability to translate what is "known" into words that are both comfortable to say and effective. Using a proven approach called the Performance Continuum Feedback Method, learn to create messages that bypass the need to raise negative performance examples during feedback discussions. Learn to craft messages designed to enable employees to remain open to feedback and amenable to change, as opposed to being drawn into a confrontational exchange.

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors, project leaders and other individuals in a position to provide performance feedback who want to find the right words that will help employee’s "hear" their message while minimizing awkwardness and defensiveness.

What you will achieve

  • Proficiency in Providing Performance Feedback — create "hearable" and "sayable" messages.
  • Ability to Move Beyond Common Stumbling Blocks — learn how to communicate performance feedback which has a greater chance for a "you’re right, I do need to work on this" employee response instead of a defensive reaction.
  • Diagnostic Skills — gain the ability to unravel and simplify complex performance issues
  • Practice Creating an Actual Message — craft the wording for at least one performance message.
  • Assess Employee Commitment — identify which signals and actions indicate non-commitment and tactfully handle uncooperative behavior.
  • Means to Drive Performance Effectiveness to the Next Level — master a six-step process that you will begin using during the session and can implement back on the job.

What you will learn

  • Measure Performance Accurately — quickly assess the overall performance level of your team to determine who could benefit from feedback.
  • Simplify Complex Performance Issues — identify the most essential aspect of performance that needs to change or improve.
  • Adopt a Supportive Non Critical Tone — speak honestly without blame or judgment.
  • Depersonalize tough messages — learn how to position information that doesn’t feel like a personal attack.
  • Craft the Message — find the right words to describe key areas for improvement, even when they seem unmentionable.
  • Avoid Inflammatory Language — bypass the tendency to use common phrases and words that usually trigger a confrontational exchange.
  • Learn Simple Tactics to Drive the Direction of Difficult Discussions — deal effectively with employees who make excuses, blame others, push back or hedge on committing to essential changes.

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