Strategic Success: New Approaches, Methods, and Techniques for Planning Effective Processes

Course description

Ready to take strategy to the next level? In this fast-paced, executive-level course, we look at emerging best practices, new tools and techniques, and innovations in strategy and strategic planning. We draw on the best selling book Blue Ocean Strategy and cutting-edge articles such as Stop Making Plans; Start Making Decisions to identify practical, impactful strategic processes that work in the reality of today’s complex, rapidly-changing organizations.

Who should attend

Vice-presidents, directors, managers, and strategic planning professionals who are looking for new and innovative ways to develop strategy, engage their organization in strategic conversations, and position their companies for success

What you will learn

  • The four steps to visualizing strategy
  • The seven deadly sins of strategic planning
  • The six paths to creating uncontested market space
  • How to reach beyond existing demand to win new customers
  • Your business’s strategy canvas
  • The four actions framework for strategy development
  • Identifying and diagnosing your business ecosystem
  • Assessing the health of your ecosystem and identifying levers for increased productivity and performance
  • Matching strategy to organizational and ecosystem lifecycle
  • Non-traditional strategic planning cycles
  • Integrating strategy into daily decision making
  • Creating distributed, self-organizing companies in which employees consistently act to further corporate strategy
Course Outline Opening
  • Introductions and course orientation
  • Icebreaker Your Business Ecosystem
  • Presentation: Business Ecosystems
  • Activity: Mapping the Ecosystem
  • Assessing Health in an Ecosystem
  • Assessment: Ecosystem Health
  • Presentation: Organizational Lifecycle
  • Blue Oceans
  • Presentation: Red Oceans versus Blue Oceans
  • Activity: Diagnosing your market
  • Discussion: Challenges and Pitfalls in Red Oceans
  • Presentation: Four Steps to Visualizing Strategy
  • Step One: Strategy Canvas
  • Presentation: Developing a Strategy Canvas
  • Activity: Strategy Canvas
  • Discussion: Observations & Opportunities
  • Step Two: Uncontested Market Spaces
  • Presentation: Creating Uncontested Market Space
  • Activity: Six Paths
  • Steps Three & Four: "To Be" Strategy
  • Workshop: Strategic Options
  • Activity: Action Planning Strategy Implementation
  • Workshop: Strategic Options
  • Presentation: Strategic Cycles
  • Assessment: Where Strategy Happens
  • Workshop: Alternative Implementation Paths Application
  • Case Studies
  • Action Planning Course Closure
  • Summary
  • Evaluation

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