Hiring the Right People for the Right Job and “Onboarding for Success!”

Course description

Making hiring mistakes is costing organizations millions of dollars every year! The current cost of replacing an employee is 1 to 3 years of that employee's salary. Even when companies do make the right hires, they often neglect to have a detailed plan for bringing new people on board. In this course you will learn how to plan for success in the hiring and onboarding process. You will receive a handbook that covers every aspect of the process, from analyzing the job and quantifying interview responses to methods for integrating new hires. Also included are hundreds of behavior-based questions and forms to help you hire the right people for the right jobs and bring them successfully on board.

Who should attend

Anyone involved in the interviewing process who wants to increase the number of successful hires and to bring new people on board in a productive way.

What you will achieve

  • Insight into your own hiring and interviewing style
  • A greater understanding of the importance of planning for the selection process
  • A fresh look at behavior-based interviewing
  • Knowledge about including others in the interviewing process
  • A plan for successfully bringing a new employee on board

What you will learn

  • The latest information on the law and the hiring process
  • How to complete a job analysis for specific job openings
  • How to design a game plan for the interviewing process
  • How to define your company, business, or department culture, so you can choose individuals who are a good match for that culture
  • How to quantify the candidates’ interview responses
  • How to probe deeply as you ask behavior-based questions
  • How to evaluate interview results and make a final decision
  • How to successfully integrate new hires into the company
Course Outline
Day One


  • The hiring process
  • Successfully bringing people on board

The Law and the Interviewing Process

  • Questions you can and cannot ask during the interview
  • Federal employment laws

Behavior-Based Interviewing

  • Traditional vs. behavior-based interviewing
  • Behavior-based interviewing skills: active listening and asking probing questions
  • Develop behavior-based questions

The Hiring Process

  • Analyzing the Job
  • Planning the Interview
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Analyzing the Results
  • Making a Final Decision
  • Following Up

Analyzing the Job

  • Know the job
  • Know the company
  • Identify primary job responsibilities and competencies
  • Complete the job analysis worksheet
  • Create a job description and an employee requisition form

Planning the Interview

  • The interview game plan
  • Choose behavior-based interviewing questions
  • Screen resumes
Day Two

Conducting the Interview

  • Recognize the personal dynamics of interviewing
  • Three parts to the interview: The warm-up, exploring the "match," and the close
  • Practice the interview

Analyzing the Results

  • Collect and summarize interview results

Making a Final Decision

  • Check references
  • Extend the offer
  • Following Up
  • Evaluate the interview process

Onboarding for Success

  • Building a case for onboarding
  • Goals of onboarding
  • Onboarding components
  • Develop your own onboarding plan

Behavior-Based Interview Questions

  • A extensive glossary of behavior-based questions to ensure that the right people are hired for the right jobs

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