Advanced Techniques for Modeling, Analysis and Design

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Course description

This course builds on the methods and techniques introduced in the CEG course, Introduction to Business Process Modeling, Analysis and Design. It uses the same basic model and approach, and assumes a familiarity with basic modeling techniques. It provides information about advanced analysis, measurement and redesign techniques. Where the first class stresses basic diagramming and analysis techniques, this class examines advanced techniques. We will, for example, consider where Lean techniques are best employed, how to model customer processes, and how to capture business rules. This class will consider a new case study and give students a chance to work through the entire case study. We will drill deeper into some aspects and consider how automation and human performance technology can be employed to solve some of the more complex problems encountered in the redesign.

Who should attend

This class is designed for business, process and systems analysts, designers and architects with some process project experience who are interested in improving their knowledge, understanding and skills in order to be able to solve more challenging process problems. This session is intended for individuals who have participated in process improvement projects and wish to expand their knowledge and capabilities. This course assumes that participants have taken the BPM Professional Curriculum Courses Principles of BPM and Introduction to Business Process Modeling Analysis and Design, and are familiar with the BPTrends Associates methodology, basic analysis worksheets, process scoping and BPMN modeling.


Business Process Management Professional Certificate

What you will achieve

  • Understand a complete set of advanced process analysis techniques and when to use them
  • Understand how to model specific set of procedures
  • Understand various ways of measuring process performance
  • Understand what managers must do to manage a process on a day-to-day basis

What you will learn

  • How to use a number of advanced analysis and redesign techniques
  • How to deal with a number of more complex redesign problems
  • How to determine when to apply more advanced analysis techniques over traditional approaches

Course Outline

Day One
  1. Quick Review of the BPTrends Methodology
    • Redesign Methodology
    • Business Process Projects
    • Business Processes
    • Exercise: What Are Your Redesign Problems?
  2. Stakeholders & Process Vision Statements
    • Stakeholders
    • Process Vision Statements
    • Exercise: Define the Victoria’s Mission, Vision and Stakeholders
  3. Process Scoping -1
    • A Quick Review of Scope Diagrams
    • Exercise
  4. Decomposition & Alignment
    • Decomposition
    • Alignment
    • Exercise
  5. BPMN Modeling -1
    • A Quick Review of BPMN
    • Exercise: Creating BPMN Diagrams
Day Two
  1. Service Processes & Customer Process Modeling
    • Service Processes
    • Value Adding Activities
    • Customer Process Modeling
    • Exercise: Modeling a Customer Process
  2. Defining & Aligning Process Measures
    • Process Measurement Concepts
    • Organizing Process Measures with the Balanced Scorecard
    • Aligning Measures with the Balanced Scorecard
    • Exercise
  3. Process Scoping -2
    • Review
    • Exercise
  4. BPMN Modeling -2
    • Complex Processes
    • Analyzing the Types of Processes in a Value Chain
    • Exercise: Creating BPMN Diagrams
Day Three
  1. Choosing Measures to Study
    • Conducting Experiments & Gathering Data
    • Potential for Improved Performance
  2. Redesigning a Process with Employees Problems
    • Redesign
    • Heskett on the Importance of Employees in Service Industries
    • Analyzing Management and Employee Problems
    • Redesign Techniques for Employee Problems
    • Exercise: Redesigning a Process to Improve Employee Problems
  3. Redesigning to Automate
    • Redesign for Automation
    • Exercise
  4. Planning for Implementation and Roll-Out
    • Overview
    • Interfacing with IT
    • Interfacing with HR
    • Roll-Out and Continuous Improvement
    • Discussion
  5. Wrap Up
    • Review and Summary

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