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Business Architecture: A Process Centric Approach

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  • MDP267Course Code

This course provides an introduction to the principles, methodologies, and tools required to manage the processes, activities, and reporting relationships in a process-centric organization. It focuses on the development of a business process architecture and especially on defining business models, value chains, strategies, process competencies, and process performance measures and aligning them with the organization’s goals and available resources.

The course relies on the use of business process frameworks and benchmarks to quickly create an architecture and a performance measurement system. Similarly, the course focuses on defining performance measures and aligning them to organization strategies and to specific value chains and processes. The alignment of performance measures relies on a balanced scorecard approach adopted for process work.

The course also considers process governance issues and how to establish performance measures for process managers and how one can align processes with support processes and resources to create a comprehensive enterprise architecture. Finally, the course considers how an organization can establish a BPM Center of Excellence that manages process work at the enterprise level, monitoring processes and prioritizing process change efforts.


MDP260 is a prerequisite for all courses in the BPM Curriculum.

  • This course is part of the Business Process Management Professional and Business Architecture Programs. These programs provide the practical tools and foundations used in analyzing business processes and redesigning or improving processes.
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#Days Fee Date Location
4 $2,999 7.18.17 – 7.21.17 Waltham Area


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