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Online Project Risk Management

  •  day(s)Duration
  •  day(s) Duration
  • 1.2 CEU/12 PDU/Credits/Units
  • MDO273bCourse Code

The Online Project Risk Management course is intended to enable you to perform the tasks listed below.

  • Incorporate the processes of the Project Risk Management Knowledge Area into day-to-day project management activities
  • Describe the Project Risk Management process interactions and data flow
  • Identify the benefits of managing risk and the impacts on project objectives when risk is not managed effectively
  • Explain the iterative nature of the risk management processes and the need for the processes to be performed throughout the life of the project
  • Describe the components of the risk management plan
  • Determine stakeholder risk tolerance
  • Use inputs and tools and techniques of the Project Risk Management processes to identify and categorize risks
  • Conduct a probability and impact assessment for identified project risks
  • Apply Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis process techniques to evaluate project risks
  • Develop appropriate risk response strategies to address positive and negative risks
  • Choose appropriate techniques to track identified risks, monitor residual risks, and identify new risks

Course Features

Course content is broken down into Modules and Topics. Participants explore the content using a variety of interactive methods, including:

  • roll-overs which uncover more detailed information on particular terms
  • pop-ups which allow participants to explore diagrams, templates, and processes in more depth
  • an avatar, or animated mentor, who offers additional content that expands the topics on selected pages
  • knowledge checks that give participants a chance to review important points
  • practice exercises that present challenges and opportunities using a case study (Participants practice applying the content learned using real-world tools and techniques to solve the case study problems.)
  • graded quizzes identify topics participants have mastered and those they might need to study more
  • a graded final exam validates the knowledge gained and skills mastered for the time committed

In addition to individual interactivity, CEG also offers a learning community and social learning tools that allow participants to share with each other and gain a broader understanding from a variety of perspectives. Participants can take advantage of lively discussion boards and instructor-led chat sessions.

Course Expectations

To fulfill the requirements of this course and receive your final grade, make sure that:

  • All quizzes have been completed with a score of 70% or better
  • The final exam has been completed with a score of 70% or better

Course Schedule


For an updated schedule for this course, please call us at 1.800.288.7246.