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Duke University Alliance

Corporate Education Group (CEG) has partnered with Duke University Management Training to offer a portfolio of joint certificate programs for individuals and organizations seeking to advance their project management, business analysis, management and leadership and business process management skills. This strategic alliance enables participants to augment their professional development and build their management expertise with comprehensive training programs approved and recognized by one of the world's most respected universities.

Established in 1924, Duke University is ranked among the top ten national universities by U.S. News and World Report in 2016. The partnership between Duke University, a higher-education institution steeped in academic excellence and CEG, one of the leading experts in corporate training to maximize business performance, creates an unmatched solution for individuals and organizations seeking professional skills development backed by a solid reputation in both academia and corporate learning.

Certificate Programs Certificate
CEG/Duke University Management Training Certificate Programs are offered in traditional classroom, virtual instructor-led, and self-paced, on-demand formats. After completing the certificate program, fulfilling the course requirements and passing post-course exams, participants receive a letter grade and certificate of completion* jointly issued by Duke University and CEG.

Project Management
Build the knowledge, skills and confidence that will empower you to maximize your performance and solve the challenges facing your projects to ensure personal and organizational success.

Business Analysis
Gain the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to stand out among your peers and play a pivotal role in enabling your organization to succeed in meeting its business objectives.

Management and Leadership
Sharpen your leadership skills, hone the ability to resolve conflict and inspire and understand how to make decisions to keep your organization moving forward.

Business Process Management
Optimize key processes to cut costs, speed up response rates to changing business conditions and transform your functional organization into a process-centric industry leader.





Contact us to learn more about on-site training and discover the benefits to your organization of having Duke University Management Training stand behind your professional development curriculum.

*The certificate of completion is non-credit and is not transferable to a degree.